Your wedding day is a dreamy haze of brief moments when everything about your world seems perfect. Let Fresh Frame capture the unique identity of your love, life, and relationships in those moments.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art philosophy of Wabi Sabi, Fresh Frame Foto is passionate about the modest, quiet kind of undeclared beauty that patiently awaits discovery.

With Nikon in hand and an editorial focus, I capture the spirit of my client’s moments, communicating their emotions and interactions with raw honesty, elegance, and creativity. Its my gift to see the interesting in the mundane, the unique in the ordinary, the story behind the expression.

B/W or Color; Film or Digital, Fresh Frame is about images that remind you just how wonderful it is to be you. We’ll give you photo archives that allow you to remember your greatest moments just as you lived them.

Wedding Packages starting at $2k

*Free engagement shoot with every wedding package